Jewelry Your Way: Designing Exclusive Custom Jewelry

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Jewelry Your Way: Designing Exclusive Custom Jewelry Has Never Been So Simple

Purchasing jewelry is an investment in yourself and those you surprise with it. With unique jewelry, the experience of receiving such a precious gift can be as meaningful and memorable as the occasion celebrated.
Jewelry tells a story. It’s personal and precious and defines how we show ourselves to the world. So, you’ll never have an experience as extraordinary as when you choose to custom design your own jewelry.


Enjoy a blend of savoir-faire and innovation, and get inspired to custom design your own engagement ring, wedding band,
or any style of fashion jewelry. You’ll love to wear jewelry that really translates your personality
or the message you want to convey, and forever makes you proud.

How to customize jewelry

Jewelry Designer

Step 1

In this stage, we hear your ideas you have with the design of your custom piece, such as size, metals, and gemstones. We design a few possibilities, and you receive a quote for the concept you like the most. 

Custom Jewelry

Step 2

Now, the concept behind your ideas starts to come to life as we outline the jewelry you’ve been dreaming of. The smallest details are important to us, so we design the finest elements to reflect your individuality (or that of your sweetheart).

3D Model Jewelry

Step 3

A CAD or wax model is produced so that you can reevaluate what your jewelry piece will look like from every angle and nuance. We only proceed once you are one hundred percent satisfied with the result.

Custom Ring

Step 4

Our jewelers craft your piece with extreme care and attention to detail. Now, you can celebrate a design which fully expresses your uniqueness and the message you want to convey. From the textured metal to the precious stones, size, and design, this is a piece of jewelry that’s beautiful and exclusive!

Pick your metal

The idea of creating unique jewelry to reflect your taste and personality attracts many people.
The meaningfulness of customized jewelry pieces is only made sweeter with a metal color which truly makes your heart speed up.
So, let's take a look at the different metal shades you can pick for your precious piece. 
Yellow Gold Wedding Band

Yellow Gold

If you love bold accessories and bright colors, yellow gold is for you. This shade is cheerful and catches eyes. And, if you have a warm skin tone, jewelry in yellow gold will be a match made in heaven (just like your partner)!

White Gold Wedding Band

White Gold

White gold might be super refined, but it enhances the diamonds’ brilliance like no other metal color. If you enjoy sleek metal finishes, this is the one which will shine the most with a magnetic glow.

Rose Gold Wedding Band

Rose Gold

If you enjoy vintage designs and romantic outfits, you can break from tradition and embrace rose gold’s unique color, achieved by adding copper to gold.

Two Tone Wedding Band


Maybe you liked all the metals we described here. You can express your desire not to miss out by custom designing jewelry with two (or three!) metal shades. Get the best of both worlds and craft a jewelry piece that will be easy to combine with all your accessories.

Restyling dated jewelry pieces

Another possibility with custom design is that you can update old jewelry and transform it into whatever you desire instead of designing from scratch.
If you have a forgotten piece of jewelry in your jewelry box, you can have it restyled into a brand-new piece no one else will have!
Perhaps you have broken jewelry that’s meaningful to you, such as a family heirloom. Redesigning is a great compromise. It preserves your attachment to your cherished jewelry piece, but allows for a design and style that you actually love.
The sky’s the limit with dated jewelry. Alternatives range from making rings out of earrings, adding a pop of color with new gemstones, or transforming a pearl string into a couple of pearl bracelets, for example. You’ll love it! 

Custom Design in Dothan, AL

When you opt for custom jewelry, Kirkland Jewelry provides you with precious custom pieces which are far more detailed than mass production jewelry. The experience is much more personalized. You participate every step of the way.
Every new day, artisans are working in the heart of Kirkland Jewelry, bringing dated pieces back to their first-day glow and crafting unique jewelry for a select group of customers who crave jewelry and accessories outside the box.
Visit us at 1728 West Main St. Dothan, Dothan, Alabama. Or check Kirkland Jewelry’s
Instagram and Facebook pages for our latest news and stunning jewelry inspiration!

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