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Amavida Bridal Rings in Dothan, AL

From the brother design team behind New York City-based Gabriel & Co., Jack and Dominick Gabriel have highlighted certain pieces to be under their new Amavida collection. Translating to “love for life,” Amavida is where Gabriel & Co let their designers creativity and imaginationS run free.

Featuring some of the world’s most intricate designs and meticulous details, each Amavida band is transformed into a work of art. If you’re looking for a true one of a kind piece, then this is the collection for you, and we at Kirkland Jewelry are humbled to carry such ingenuity.

Showcasing the remarkable elegance that this collection has to offer, we have this White Gold Halo Diamond Engagement Ring. In the center, a round cut diamond is held by four rounded prongs stemming from four right-angle outlines. The illusion is key here, as the square framing and similarity in color between the white gold and diamond gives the eye the idea that a larger princess cut diamond is taking center stage.

Besides that, two princess-cut sapphires sit horizontally side by side in rectangular ornamentation outlined in milgrain. Again, the outline is meant to give the illusion of a larger cohesive emerald-cut stone. Above and below the center stone, round cut diamonds vertically stretch the face of the band, bringing the edges to two points.

For even more ornamentation, the remainder of the band is studded with diamonds and outlined with milgrain detailing. At a closer look, you can note the intricacy in the designs that can only be found with Amavida.

Illusion plays a role in some other bands by the designers as well, like in this 18k White Gold band. Here, the classic three stone ring gets an ornamental twist. On both sides of the round cut stone, held together in claw prongs, lay a smaller round diamond whose seamless inclusion pulls the eye sideways towards a horizontal marquise shape.

Above and below, a similar occurrence. On all four corners created by the prongs, a square-shaped bezel setting holds another rounded stone, and besides those, another. While the mismatched shapes and broken up segments aren’t intended to give the illusion of a halo, the complete encompassment of diamonds does indeed create a halo, or a contemporary imaginative version of one, if you will.

Along with the band, diamonds in a surface prong setting are getting larger as they near the center stone. All in all, a truly magnificent display of glimmer, and very reminiscent of the creativity behind the brand.

For perhaps a more delicate approach, consider the subtle diamond accents in this Criss Cross Engagement Band. As the shank meets the middle, it separates into two segments that criss-cross once and embrace the round cut diamond with open arms.

Despite the pave diamonds studding almost the entirety of the band, their nature is more subtle than the aforementioned and allows the viewer to really gaze at the center stone in all its magnificence. For added flair, the archway on the profile too is entirely studded with diamonds, giving the lead up towards the center stone a sexy lace-like feel.

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