Three Stone Engagement Rings


Three Stone Engagement Rings in Dothan, AL

Effortlessly beautiful and with a sense of glamour so timeless, three stone engagement rings are a classic staple that many designers feature in their collections. Available in a multitude of varieties, they are the perfect style for any bride regardless of her taste.

Kirkland Jewelry loves this traditional style and all of its stunning contemporary interpretations, which is why we’re so happy to feature many different versions at a variety of price points. We’re sure that these dazzling engagement rings from our careful curation of designers are just what you’ve been searching for.

Said to represent the “Past, Present, and Future” that the loving couple share on their life journey together, many designers opt for the center stone as the larger focal piece to emphasize the importance of living in the present. That being said, many also design pieces with a more cohesive look, with both the center stone and the two side stones all sharing the same size.

From the talented design duo behind the world renowned Gabriel & Co., brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel carry their team into designing a wide variety of approachable engagement ring styles. So tastefully done, the designers feature a lovely collection of three stone engagement rings with a beautiful pop of color. Beside the round cut center stone, these pieces have two stunningly deep blue sapphire side stones cut into pear shapes for an added geometric contrast.

Gabriel & Co. are also known for combining different styles into one stunningly unique look. Such is the case with a few of their three stone bands that feature the lovely curvature of the bypass setting or the glorious size of ravishing Victorian Halo three stone engagement bands.

While Gabriel & Co. specializes in a more approachable avenue of jewelry design by using 14k white gold, the team has taken what they’ve already mastered and brought their ingenuity into the luxury market with their one of a kind Amavida bridal collection. Specializing in 18k white gold and platinum, these three stone engagement rings are perfect for the bride that wants a little bit of that extra luxury.

If regality is what you’re searching for, then the mastery behind the truly spectacular three stone engagement rings by Carizza is the perfect fit. Featuring some of the most stunning pieces we’ve ever seen, these intricate works of art produce a shimmer like no other. With a strong focus on diamond clarity, many of their three stone engagement rings are so cohesive and produce such a unity that the three oval diamonds seamlessly blend as one.

For a gleaming contrast, a few of their 14k white gold bands are paired with rose and yellow gold to create two tone bands that highlight the beauty of the diamonds. The team also takes advantage of the beauty behind prongs and, along with milgrain detailing, create pieces that have an extra element of texture.

We here at Kirkland Jewelry love three stone engagement rings and are proud to feature some of the world's most fascinating designers and their unique interpretation of this classic style. In our beautiful Dothan, Alabama showroom, you’ll find that our collection is unlike any other in the area. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are eager to help find you the perfect engagement ring and put a smile on your face.

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