Criss Cross Engagement Rings

Stunning criss cross engagement rings from Kirkland Jewellers

Engagement rings are a direct way to the heart of loved ones, and not by chance, because of how very touching and romantic to imagine that engagement rings are a lock on the door to our heart? From there arises the ancient belief in the so-called "Vein of Love".

Every woman dreams of getting an engagement ring and a correctly selected ring shows how well you know your beloved girl. Choose a Kirland’s criss-cross ring and she will believe you hung the moon!

Engagement rings mean more to us than just adornments. They are a particular expression of our family bonds. The history of engagement rings is not known to anyone for certain, hence the many theories and legends of their origin. But in all the legends and stories there is always this—the engagement ring is a powerful symbol of love, family, and fidelity!

The circular shape of engagement rings has always been endowed with considerable mystical properties beyond the well-known embodiment of endless love. No wonder our ancestors decided that the circle is an ideal symbolic designation. From early on, they viewed the magic surrounding engagement rings.

The modern way to make a proposal to the chosen one has been simplified to a minimum number of participants, only the main characters remain: he and she. And from the old rites, he presents the ring with a question. Acceptance of the engagement rings means acceptance of the proposal to create a family.

Kirland’s very exclusive selection of engagement rings encompasses a popular style for those seeking a chic addition to traditional solitaire styles: criss cross rings. Our selection includes trustable brands like Gabriel & Co. and Amavida. The crisscross design has a layered and well-drawn air while allowing for many more diamonds and room for creation.

Our crisscross engagement rings page has white and yellow gold options in the finest lines and maximization of materials for the utmost shine. The vast assortment of rings offered by Kirkland will allow you to choose the ideal option for you—rings that will delight her every day, remind her of a joyful event forevermore and become your first family heirloom.

Even if later you add a wedding ring to go with the look of your engagement ring, the engagement ring will remain with the two of you throughout your lives as a symbol of mutual love, loyalty and the choice of a common life path.

Engagement rings are traditionally made with a central stone, commonly a diamond, although today this is not an unshakable rule—rather, a wish. The choice of rings with precious stones or diamonds should be based on your desire to perpetuate mutual feelings, and Kirkland jewelers offer truly unlimited possibilities for this.

Our crisscross selection has larger bands or smooth and minimal styles consisting of several lines of multi-colored metals with patterns or vibrant notches made of white and yellow gold. Our contemporary engagement rings are real works of art that you can pass on to your children as a home treasure.
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