Double Halo Engagement Rings


Enjoy Kirkland’s stunning double halo engagement ring . The special craft in them skillfully directs one’s gaze to its central stone, showcasing and magnifying their beauty with two circles of small, shiny diamonds called a "halo".

Such halos of diamonds resting beneath a central stone amplify the beauty of this ring when exposed to sunlight or reflecting night lights. Don’t waste time, make a magical purchase!

Kirkland’s selection of double halo engagement rings features lovely stones enclosed by sparking brilliants—a very interesting alternative when there is a desire to have the central diamond look bigger and emphasized.

The shape of a diamond or colored gemstone surrounded by two lines of diamonds of smaller size contributes then to the perception of the center stone, causing great visual impact.

No wonder this ring style is one of the most in-demand, due to its charming beauty. Today, double halo engagement rings are synonymous with successful love, a bond, and a faithful commitment to one's beloved.

Kirkland’s double halo engagement ring selection has elegant and sophisticated designs that will be a fine and very delicate treasure for any proposal.

Discover our double halo engagement rings in all types of settings: cushion, princess cut, or combinations that allow you to adapt your choice to the style and taste of your beloved.

Use all your imagination with double halo rings that have diamond sets along the shank, multiplying their brilliance tenfold. Come to our showroom for inspiration.

Savor Kirkland’s double halo shanks in twisted, straight, and crisscross designs shaped to fit stones of oval and round diamonds that often appear incredibly wide.

You will find all designs available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and two-tone versions at our store in Dothan, AL.

Bask in the power of emerald shaped double halo engagement rings. They are a variation that has become very trendy over the past couple of years. The emerald-cut became popular in the 1920s, at a time when clean lines and Art Deco styles were in vogue.

Relish in our perfectly square double halo rings. In this case, the classic squares in precious metals are enriched with diamonds that symbolize a long life together.

Explore our double halo engagement rings with tall gallery clusters. These are spectacular rings that become a beautifying accessory given their great preciousness.

You will have a remarkable marriage proposal with an eye-catching double halo ring basked in glamor with unexpected lines for a lovely surprise.

We know not every woman prefers glimmering and showy engagement rings, and for that, you can dive into our simpler interpretations of the double halo style.

If you are looking for unforgettable, don’t worry, we have great choices of halo engagement rings to make the biggest impression possible.

Try and experiment with our double halo rings. Learn more about our unique and personalized, modern, or vintage takes of double halo rings.

Our staff will be so happy to aid you in finding ­­the one double halo engagement ring in Dothan, Alabama. We are off West Main Street, waiting for you!
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