Solitaire Engagement Rings



The perfect symbol of your love, Kirkland’s collection of solitaire diamond engagement rings features elegant and timeless, or classic and contemporary designs available in white, yellow, and rose gold.

Learn more about the importance of solitaire engagement rings by visiting our store in Dothan, Alabama.

The tradition of solitaire engagement rings has existed for so long that it is hard to believe. And more than a piece of jewelry, engagement rings still symbolize surrender, commitment, and great love.

In ancient times, a wedding was given less importance than an engagement! While the former was seen as frivolous fun, an engagement was the real business, a deal between the families of the bride and groom, with guarantees and romantic attributes.

The significant step has always been settled with the exchange of rings and we still hold these treasured pieces dear from a legacy passed on and on to us.

So, do not be mistaken, most women anticipate this moment for years. It is important not to miscalculate the ring of her dreams. This is why we suggest the ever-stunning solitaire engagement ring.

It is true there are hundreds or even thousands of models of engagement rings, however, among the favorite three, we find the solitaire form.

A ring with a powerful stone set at its center, the solitaire is probably the most classic engagement ring; and it can showcase small diamonds too, dressing a whole or smaller part of the ring band.

Kirkland Jewelers offer sleek and solid options of white gold or more intricate bands in rich and twisted styles.

For quirky and happier shapes, we present the solitaire beaded band or crisscrossed solitaire shank, scintillating sophistication.

More glamorous are the two-toned rings, mixing metals under state-of-the-art combinations that show the mastery and expertise behind our pieces.

Solitaire engagement rings with bezel and pavé bands reflect light like no other form, making it not only more complex but also work well with smaller central diamonds, giving the illusion of unbelievable sparkle.

Each of our solitaire engagement rings is handcrafted to your chosen specifications, the perfect ring for your partner. Discover Kirkland’s wide range of solitaire engagement rings in Dothan, Alabama.

Diamonds offer an advantage, if one considers they go with everything, clothing, and other jewelry. But colored stones are certainly a more original option. There is no real rule, we advise you to probe the tastes of your future wife.

For the color of metal, we advise you to look at the rings that your partner has. This will allow you to define whether she prefers a yellow or white metal. If the lady collects yellow gold rings, don't think twice, you will have to choose a yellow gold solitaire engagement ring, the same goes for other tones.

Be assured whatever metal you prefer, we offer quality pieces with purity, durability, and strength under strict quality control standards.

If you are in Dothan, AL, don’t waste time looking for classic engagement rings. Kirkland’s team is always eager to help a man in love please his beloved beyond her expectations, find the way to her heart with us.
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