Straight Engagement Rings



When it comes to an engagement ring, you want to gift her with something that will become a little bit of an obsession, something she will not be able to stop staring at, and consequently, finding thoughts of you in the back of her mind.

Finding exactly what she will love can be daunting, and it can get even more complicated if you consider an engagement ring that later should look good combined with a wedding ring.

That’s why we suggest straight engagement rings, they will look clean and regal worn alone and later will just enhance the wedding ring details in a perfect match— just like the two of you!

An engagement ring is a symbol of love and a strong relationship, so it is important to take a responsible approach to your choice. High quality, workmanship, and impeccable design are the main criteria, you can find these and more at Kirkland Jewelers.

Selecting the perfect pair of engagement rings is choosing what will be the hallmark to remind you of the power of love every day.

Our experts have prepared a selection of straight engagement ring designs, ranging from metals, ring profile, size, and detail features. Find out which type will become the most unforgettable and stylish.

What metal is better to choose rings from? Lean on the rife in her jewelry box. The permanent favorite among precious metals remains gold, but the choice of lovers does not always fall on products made in a classic shade. The white metal is also becoming increasingly popular. For shine, it is coated with rhodium, because in itself white gold has a shade of yellowness.

An important feature that largely determines the appearance of the symbol of love is the profile. Straight engagement rings are a safe and sophisticated choice.

The details are a matter of taste and determining what jewelry will be comfortable to wear. Comfort depends on the shape of the fingers and personal preferences.

Our selection of straight ring options is quite wide for your utmost appreciation. Modern life has expanded the strict traditional frameworks, allowing making an offer to a girl in an original, unforgettable way.

One of the trends is the combined metals. The contrasting combination of white gold with rose or yellow looks original and symbolic.

Features are then made in the form of a set of different colors with layers on top of the other. At the peak of fashion, consider a tri-color model of white, rose, and yellow gold intertwined.

A man in love wants to win the girl’s heart by presenting her the coveted ring. But in this matter, attention to detail is very important. If you are planning to surprise with fine jewelry, take a look at our straight engagement rings in classic, glamorous, and vintage designs.

Remember an engagement ring is seldomly removed after the addition of a wedding ring. It will be worn long after proposal day, so it must match the rest in style.

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